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Please use a supported version go to my blog for the best MSN experience. 'No blacks or dogs': Outrage over racist sign posted in shop window by 'frustrated' owner Mirror 4 days ago Stephen Jones Police are investigating claims a shop owner put a racist sign in the window, banning teenage "blacks and dogs". A photo is circulating on social media showing the shocking statement at a convenience store in Melbourne, Australia. It reads: "Because the 14-18 year old black always steal. Prohibit 14-18-year-old blacks and dogs into the shop." Dozens of commentators have taken to new doctor home loan Oak Laurel Twitter to complain the poster is a "hate crime" with others labelling it disgusting. The sign features in the window of a store in the Melton suburb of Melbourne - and was allegedly put up by the store's Asian owner. He has reportedly released footage of teenagers stealing from his shop to try and show what prompted new doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 oaklaurel.com.au him to put up the sign. Victoria Police confirmed they are aware of the sign and are investigating. Callers complained to local radio station 3AW about the sign posted in clear public view in the window of the shop on Burleigh Road.

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